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About Music Fit Collective

Once upon a time in a far away land there was a strange species of musicians... unicorns if you will. Every day they would make time to exercise, eat well, laugh and play with the others. Until one day they came across a whole industry full of sick and unhappy musicians. Because of that, the unicorns conspired to share their knowledge to help the rest of the musicians and because of that, the entire music industry prospered. Until finally, we all realized why a herd of unicorns is called a "Blessing".

We're changing the game and rewriting the rules of rock n' roll one musician at a time from the inside out.

Join the MF'n Blessing.

Why You Should Join The MF'n Blessing:

Join this community to be a part of the new wave of musician health and wellness. You'll connect with other industry professionals, get fit, upskill, be a huge part of a network that values the art and the artist equally. We'll share our wins together amongst a bunch of MF'n unicorn rock stars. Rad, right? Right.

A Big MF'n Thanks!

To our friends at Unison Benevolent Fund, Canadian Musician Magazine, our product affiliates: Los Cabos Drumsticks, WHOOP, Lululemon, White Lion Athletics, our coaching affiliates: Steel Mace Flow, Intentional Patterns, Ardent Fitness and Enlifted and our creative team: Moonracer services and Runway Vertical Records.

Who we be?

"The Rock Doctor" Mike Schwartz

Head Unicorn (Un) Tamer

About Me

I’m the O.G. of Musician Wellness. I’m a musician-first health & wellness professional, educator, author and speaker, a Soultone Cymbal and Los Cabos Drumstick Artist. I also write music to move to under the moniker “M3.”

I’m the author of “The Musician’s Guide To Surviving The Rock Star Lifestyle” and the creator of “The Music Fit Method”, our signature coaching system specifically designed to help musicians create agency in their lives and hold space to sing their song and share their gift with the world. 


• B.a P. Sci & MGSO

• ACE Certified Personal Trainer

• CHEK HLC Practitioner 

• Cert IV in Fitness

• PN Nutrition Coach

• Steel Mace Flow 1

• Enlifted StoryWork Coach

• CSCS (in progress)

Fun Facts

• My "Walk Up" song is "It's Tricky" - RUN DMC

• I competed nationally as a long track speed skater

• My vice is a strong maple flat white

• I host "The Music Fit Podcast"

Reach me at hey@miketheschwartz.com or gimme a follow on instagram @miketheschwartz

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